Construction Manager

Developed on behalf of CITB, Construction Scotland and the Scottish Contractors Group By:

About the game

Construction manager is an educational game aimed at increasing awareness of careers in the Construction Industry. We believe that learning should be fun and that the best way to engage learners is to provide them with the opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills whilst receiving real-time feedback.

Construction Manager is funded by the Construction Industry Training Board, The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and the City of Glasgow Scotland.

iPhone App

Key features

  • App 1

    Choose your own path as you oversee the progression from micro-business to multi-trade construction company.

  • App 2

    Make strategic investment decisions and choose how to invest in your staff, manage your environmental impact and balance your finances.

  • App 3

    Create a vibrant, thriving metropolis that reflects the way you run your business.

Available on multiple devices

The game is available to download for Android & iOS and will soon be available for Windows devices and PC. You can download the game now on the following stores:

Apple App Store Google Play Download for Windows
iPhone App

Contact us

If you want to get in touch with the development team, would like to sponsor the game or are interested in how you can use the game in your outreach and community benefits work, please contact us using the form below.


  • "Gives you an inside view of how to actually run a business"

  • "I found it really interesting learning about how to run a business and making profits or going bankrupt."

  • "It is realistic and you can learn from it. It really annoys you when you lose money or reputation"

  • "I liked learning how a construction site worked and it was very interesting. I enjoyed working in a team."

  • "Can you download this game on your phone?"

  • "It's like problem solving using budgeting skills, you weigh up your options"

  • "It was epic!!! Thanks for coming."

  • "I liked how we learned in the form of a game."

  • "I liked being in charge of a team"

  • "I liked the game because it was challenging."

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